A Beautiful Sexy girl with Dirty Mind

A Beautiful Sexy girl with Dirty Mind. It had been a very long day and we were the last to finish work, alone in the office. “How about a quick coffee for the road?” I said.

She seemed to think it was a good idea, she flopped down and kicked off her shoes as I boiled the kettle. As she sat with her eyes closed I looked at her mop of curly blonde hair, and at her sexy bare feet, her toes with a pale pearly nail-polish; suddenly I realized she was watching me watch her. She said: “You like?” “I do,” I said, “your feet are very sexy.”

She smiled a little and said nothing, but as I stared she slowly hitched up her skirt until I could see the full length of her slim legs, and finally her white lacy panties. She crossed her legs tightly and gave a little sigh.

As we sipped our brew she suddenly jumped up and said: “I want to show you something.” She unbuttoned her white blouse and unsnapped her lacy bra and stood before me bare to the waist. She was very slim, and looked even slimmer half-naked, and I really wanted to see the rest of her.

I knew her tits were small, but until now I hadn’t known exactly how small – “My bee-stings…” she said; they were lovely all the same and her nipples stood out very pink and pointed, but that wasn’t what she had wanted me to see: I stared at what I realized was a birth-mark, starting at the top of her left shoulder, passing over the underside of her breast, and ending just above her navel, a delicate rosy band about three inches wide, like a band of fine silk draped over her body, about the same pink as her nipples, a fantastically subtle contrast with the rest of her skin. “Is it ugly?” she said shyly. I could hardly speak. “No, it’s beautiful, I want to kiss it.” She blushed a bit, and as I softly kissed her from shoulder to navel her skin felt hot, scorching on my tongue. I started to suck her nipples, she looked down and smiled as they became erect.

Do you want to fuck me?” she whispered. “I think you know I do,” I said. “OK, but not here, come up to my flat, please let’s go now.”

In her tidy little flat the early evening sun was pouring in, she gave me a big drink and said: “Get naked by the time I come back, I can’t wait much longer, later you can do whatever you want, but this time you do as you’re told, ok?” And she scampered off to her tiny bathroom. In a moment she was back, naked, as I was too. It gave me a bit of a jolt to see that her pussy-hair was quite natural, if she shaved she hadn’t done it for a while and she had a peach-fuzz high on the insides of her thighs; on her pussy it was so very blonde and fine it hid almost nothing. “I hope you’ve got a lot of spunk for me,” she said, “it’s better if you do.” I told her that if I went on looking at her for much longer I wouldn’t have any at all.

She sat opposite me with the sun slanting in onto her soft blond pussy, and pulled up her legs so her cuntlips bulged towards me and she said: “I’m so fucking thin, you can count my ribs.” She stretched her arms high above her head, she really was gorgeously slim, her hips were like a porcelain bowl and her tits were only just enough to see, but the shadow of her nipples seemed long and dark against her pale skin. “You’re so beautiful” I told her. She said: “Stop bullshitting and listen. You have to sit right there and wank until you’re nearly coming, when it’s ready to shoot, come over to me and pull your skin right back, just push in once as hard as you can and let it go.”

While I pulled hard on my hot rigid cock she played very gently with her pussy, just pulling the lips lazily apart a bit so I could see her little clit and a little way up her vagina. After a couple of minutes gazing at her like that I was ready, I just made it over to her, pulling my foreskin back, jammed my cock into her wet little cunt, gave just one hard push up her, and gave her everything there was, at least three big squirts and about six smaller ones, the last one was a real effort of lovely sex-hurt. While my spunk was still coming I licked her lovely pink birthmark.

As soon as I had stopped coming she pulled my cock out and said: “Now come with me.” “But you didn’t come…” I said, not understanding.

She pulled me into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, pulling up her legs as she had done earlier, her eyes closed and I could see her flat stomach contract, she made no sound as she began to shit, at the same time my come began to dribble out of her vagina, mixed with her own wetness there was quite a lot.

Then I could see she was coming, she moaned softly and repeated: “…my shit and your spunk, my shit, Ohh! your spunk…” until she seemed to be quite empty of both. Finally she stood, flushed the whole mess away and said: “I’m getting in the shower now, go and have a sleep; I’ll wake you after it’s got dark and we’ll do it your way, OK?”

I lay on her soft bed and listened to the sounds of her in the shower, soon I fell asleep and I dreamed of her little tits, her pink birthmark, and her shit.