A Lustful sex with adopted Sister

A Lustful sex with adopted Sister. My adopted sister and I got along very well. She hit her mid-twenties and her husband seem to be losing interest in her, I however, thought she was getting sexier. I don’t know what started to turn me on, but almost every time I went to visit her and her husband, I would get a hard-on. My wife even asked me on one occasion, why I was so hard? I didn’t know. We acted like to siblings always arguing and beating on each other. I guess it was kinda kinky thinking of my sister and sex.

One day she invited me to lunch near where we both worked. I thought it was unusual but I agreed. We met and it was nothing but a bitch session about work, her husband, her nosey female neighbor always trying to look in their bathroom at her naked. Wow! The got me turned on. Anyway, she seemed so flustered. I told her she needs to chill out and relax, maybe even have some good hard sex with Mark, her husband. Sally laughed and said he was good for a quick fuck but that was it. I laughed because that was the first I have ever heard of her sex life.

Seeming irritated Sally asked me, “What are you laughing about? Do you think you could make me have an orgasm?”

I was stunned. She never, ever asked me anything liked that. Then she smiled and said, “Got you, bro.”
I didn’t know what to say, when all of a sudden I said, “I bet I could make you have a multiple orgasm.” What did I say?

She smiled, “Were not suppose to do that, we’re bro and sis, remember?”
“Chicken!” I said not really knowing what I was saying. She smiled, but it was a smile of disappointment, like she wanted to but with both of us married, we shouldn’t be doing that, let alone, being brother and sister.

It was getting late and I had to go back to work so I said, “I got to go, but if you want to take me up on that bet, I’ll be home for lunch tomorrow at 12:30, be there and you’ll have your multiple orgasm.” I left her sitting there and went back to work. My dick was so hard the whole day that it hurt. I felt so guilty about what I said and hoped that she didn’t show for lunch and it would all be forgotten.

As I arrived home for lunch the next day, I was relieved that she was not there. But as I got to the door, she beeped her horn and pulled in. I was stunned and I could see she was too. She hopped up to me and said, “So, you ready for the bet, bro?”
All I could say was sure.

We went inside and she sat on the couch. I said, “Are we sure we want to do this?”
She started to say not really, but…

I kissed her. I let my tongue roll into her mouth. Her hands were on my back caressing it slowly. I didn’t waste any time and went down to her jeans and undid them. I slowly pulled them down as I looked into her eyes and saw a new little sister. I got her jeans off and started to rub her lips through her panties. She moaned and I proceeded to take off her panties. Her hairy bush met me with two little lips sticking out. I ran my fingers through ever so slowly and touched her lightly. I looked up at her and she was in another world. I spread her very long sexy legs apart and brought my tongue in. I licked her thighs up and down and over her belly button. Her moaning was getting labored and a little more vocal. I let my tongue roll through her public hair and then… I hit her lips. She gasped! I ran my tongue up one side of her pussy lips and down the other. Over and over again. She was now panting loudly and I was spreading her lips wider to find her clit. I was poised right above it and when she made a gasp for air, I flicked my tongue over it.

She screamed and she came all over me. To keep the momentum going I sucked on her clit like there was no tomorrow. Rolling over my tongue and through my teeth. Her scream did not subside, but started waves of screams and waited till she hit a peak and then I sent my middle finger deep into her pussy. She screamed an empty scream since she had nothing left and panted profusely. My whole hand was soaked and she had not stopped cumming as my finger pistoned in and out of her. My tongue never left her clit. Finally, it seemed she was slowly down and I took my cum-soaked finger and placed it in her ass.

FUCK ME! was all I heard as I pushed the finger in her ass.
She kept screaming, “Fuck me, please fuck me…”
In and out my finger went in her ass.

I knew she was spent totally, but I wanted one last harrah. I took my finger out of her ass and then place fingers on both hands in her pussy and nibbled on her clit. She screamed an empty scream and I held on for the ride. After a few minutes, she looked down at me, soaked from sweat, and said, “Oh my God. I’ve never felt anything like that.”
I smiled up at her and with cum filled fingers I placed them in her mouth and said, “I guess I win the bet.”

She sat there for a while and I gave her panties and jeans and told her to go into the bedroom and get cleaned up to go back to work. When she came out, she said she was calling in sick and going home.

As we walked out the door, she asked, “What do you want for winning?”
I told her, “Eating you out was my prize.”
She smiled and said, “No. A bet is a bet.”
Being a smart-ass, I told her, “Okay then, I want to shave your pussy bare.”
She smiled and said, “What would Mark think?”

I just smiled. She looked at me and after thinking a second, “Okay, you can shave my pussy as long as I can fuck you after you’re done.”

Stunned, I turned to her and she smiled go into her car and drove off.