A Memorable Trip to the Doctor

A Memorable Trip to the Doctor. Sarah sat in the doctor’s waiting room nervously biting her fingernails. She still wasn’t sure whether she would be brave enough to tell Doctor Smith about her problem, even though she had always been understanding before.

Suddenly a nurse approached her, “Dr Jones will see you now”, “Dr Jones? But I booked to see Dr Smith” questioned Sarah. “Oh did the receptionist not tell you? Dr Smith is off sick today, but Dr Jones is very nice” replied the nurse. Sarah knew that, he was the new doctor, straight out of medical school, with smolderingly sexy good looks. She followed the nurse down the corridor wondering whether she could still go through with it. 

Dr Jones greeted Sarah at his door with a friendly smile and Sarah felt weak at the knees, through mixture of nerves and of the powerful effect Dr Jones was having on her.

As she sat down she couldn’t help staring at him, with his sparkling eyes, broad shoulders….. “So, how can I help you?” Dr Jones broke into her reverie. “ummm, well it’s kind of personal” Sarah began – God was she really going to tell him. “Go on” soothed Dr Jones. “Well, I’ve been having a few problems with my boyfriend, umm, well, I can’t seem to get aroused when we try to have sex” There she’d said it.

“Well, Sarah you know a lot of women have problems like this, it’s probably just psychological, but I can examine you to see if there is anything physical.”

Sarah thought `well I’ve gone this far, I might as well brave it out, and to be honest the thought of Dr Jones examining her made her shiver all over’. She got up to change behind the curtain , she was wearing a long skirt so she simply peeled her knickers off and tried to calm herself down, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as she thought of Dr Jones touching her skin, Sarah couldn’t believe how she was losing control, it was never like this with her boyfriend, and Dr Jones hadn’t even touched her! She drew back the curtain and went to lie on the examining table, the feel of the hard table beneath her made her feel vulnerable as she waited.

Dr Jones got up from his desk and walked towards her, saying “Now if you just relax, this’ll be over in a few minutes, if you could just open your legs, and I’ll lift your skirt”. Sarah could feel herself getting even more moist as she felt completely dominated by this man, `god, please don’t let me embarrass myself she thought `he probably does this kind of thing every day’. Suddenly Sarah felt Dr Jones brush her thighs and she almost gasped with the effect on her, she could feel herself burning with desire.

And then he was parting her lips and it was Sarah could do not to scream with passion and lust. “Could you part your legs a bit wider?” he said and Sarah did as she was told.

He began to delve around inside and as his fingers went deeper and deeper inside of her, Sarah could feel herself throbbing like she never had before, but suddenly he withdrew his fingers and she gasped – how was she letting this man have this effect on her? “Are you all right? Said Doctor Jones “is it sore down there?” He looked down, and as he made to put his fingers back inside her, he brushed Sarah’s clitoris, which was already hardened and pulsating.

Her nipples were aching with the need to be touched, she felt sure he could see how hardened and erect they were through her shirt. As he inserted his fingers for a second time, Sarah could feel her muscles contracting, but he withdrew them just as quickly. This time, Sarah could not stop herself from groaning “Don’t stop”.

Dr Jones looked down at her and met her eyes, and the look he gave her was so erotic that Sarah knew he wanted her just as much as she wanted him. Without a word he began to unbutton her shirt and unzip her skirt until she was completely naked. He stroked her chest and stomach all over, and kissed her neck, the turning her face towards him, he kissed her on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth, it was so passionate that Sarah wanted it to carry on forever.

But then he bent down and sucked hard on her left nipple and she forgot about everything else, her back arched as he caressed her other nipple and squeezed her breast. She reached out and began to unbutton his shirt and then stroked his broad chest, his nipples became erect under her touch.

He stood up and she helped him to remove the rest of his clothes. Dr Jones was shocked at how quickly a routine examination had turned into one of the most erotic experiences of his life, his penis was straining with desire and he wanted to be inside her like he’d never wanted anyone before. Sarah pulled him towards her and made him kneel on top of her then she bent forward and took his rock-like penis into her mouth.

Now it was Dr Jones’ turn to gasp as she sucked and licked his cock to attention while caressing his testicles in her hands. He could feel himself losing control as his passion built up to such a pitch, and he pulled back, not wanting it to be over. He turned around and pulled Sarah’s legs apart stroking her thighs up and down and feeling her skin bum, then he bent his head and caressed her clitoris with his tongue. Sarah thrust her hips into his face, almost begging him to put his fingers inside her.

And then he did, powerfully, thrusting and thrusting, deeper and deeper until she thought she could take no more. She squeezed his buttocks as the waves of passion engulfed her, and then grasped his cock in her hands stroking it up and down as he moved his fingers in and out of hex.

Finally, as they both came close to losing control completely, Dr Jones stood up and pulled Sarah to the edge of the table, and lifting Sarah’s hips up he entered her, plunging his cock deep inside her. Then he withdrew, before plunging deeper and deeper, and faster and faster, Sarah wrapped her legs around him and thrust her hips upwards until she could feel the first waves of orgasm, and suddenly he withdrew, and he pulled Sarah off the table.

Turning her around he pulled her legs apart “wider, wider” he said and then thrust into her from behind. Sarah could feel his powerful body as he forced himself inside her, and he grasped her breasts and pulled her nipples, and as he did so, Sarah realised that she couldn’t go on any more and reached behind to fondle his testicles.

She moaned as she felt her whole body building up and then contracting as wave upon wave of orgasm erupted around her. Then Dr Jones felt her muscles gripping his cock, he tried to hold back, but the power of Sarah’s contractions and the way she was kneading his testicles drew the seed from him and he fell forward as his cock throbbed and convulsed.

A long while afterwards Dr Jones pulled away from her, but she had been so exhausted by their passion that she nearly fell over and he caught her, hugging her from behind and kissing her neck. “So, will you be back for some more therapy next week, Sarah” He said, smiling.