A Sexy Girl desire for Christmas Wish

A Sexy Girl desire for Christmas Wish. It was almost Christmas, December 24th. I was putting up lights and figures on my front lawn. I just love doing that, seeing the faces of all the kids as they stop and look. I have Bambi and Garfield, Ziggy and Odie, Aladdin and the little Mermaid. It was almost dark, I was testing the lights making sure that they all worked. I stepped back to see what I had done…

Wishing in my mind that my love could be here to see.. That was my Christmas wish, that my love would be under my tree….I didn’t want any other presents, just the love of my life…….. My thoughts were broken when a car stopped and I heard the kids go ooooo and aaaaa, look mom…. It made me smile…. I walked back into my house and sat down to eat dinner…. I sat at my computer and watched as cars slowed down and looked at the lights ….. I heard the familiar ring of my instant message… It was my love.

He said hello and asked how my day was? I said fine and yours? He asked me again what I wanted for Christmas….. I said I only want you… Then he said, as many times before, you will see what Santa brings you….
We had a nice conversation and then It was time to go to sleep… I love this man with every fiber of my being.. We both know that we will be together soon… saying our good nights and wishing the other a Merry Christmas then signed off…..

I went outside to check my lights and look at the stars….
It was almost midnight, almost Christmas Day….
I stood by my mailbox and looked at the lights…watching them twinkle… Then I heard a voice, Very nice, did you do all of this? I jumped, and turned around…. I could only see the outline of a figure and I knew It was a man by the voice…. You scared me…. yes I did make and set up all the lights and figures….

He said he was sorry for scaring me, and he asked me what I wanted Santa to bring for me? I looked back at the lights and said that the only thing I wanted for Christmas was my love. Then he asked me what I would do If Santa brought me my love? I said that I would give Santa a big hug. I heard him start to walk towards me and I turned to look at him again..
Still not being able to see his face, until he got right next to me……. I couldn’t believe my eyes……

The tears just started falling, it was my love.
Merry Christmas baby… He grabbed me and held me close… gently picked me up and walked to the front door. I reached down and opened it and we walked in, pushing it closed with his foot. He walked to my bedroom and gently laid me on the bed…

Kissing me softly. Sitting down next to me and looking into my eyes… Taking his hand and gently wiping my tears away…. I love you so much, he told me and kissed me with so much passion it took my breath away…. Also made me shake…( he makes me shake just talking to me)….. He slowly put his hands under my shirt and started playing with my nipples.. still kissing me very deeply…. then put both hands on the top of my shorts and pulled them off…. I didn’t even have a chance to raise up to help…. he lifted my shirt and exposed my large breast... started running his tongue around my nipples, making them very hard, gently biting at them… OOOOoooohhhhhhbaby….

I moaned… moving one of my hands over to the large bulge that was forming inside his pants… gently stroking it, making it grow more…. then reaching for the button and zipper to release his manhood.. He stood up and took off his close…slowly.. watching me look at him… I know it turned both of us on…… we were both breathing very hard and you could almost hear our hearts pounding….

Then he kneeled on the floor next to the bed… putting my legs, one on each side of him and pulling me to the edge of the bed…. He went back up to my nipples for a minute…licking around them, then ran his tongue down my belly very slowly… around my belly button then down one of my legs, to my knee. he raised my legs up towards my chest and licked my inner thigh….

Oh yes baby slowly heading for my pussy…. He stopped and looked at it for a minute… It was clean shaven and the first time he had seen it…. He just loved that…. then so gently, sticking out his tongue started to run it up and down my slit…. sending shivers all over my body….

Tasting me for the first time too, I heard him moan in approval. His tongue slide in between my lips with ease… I was so wet for him….. He reached up and gently spread my lips with his fingers….. burring his face in my pussy… wiggling my pussy against his face..my hands on his head softly pushing down…. he rand his tongue up and down….finding my love hole, slowly pushing his tongue in as deeply as he could…..raising my hips, pushing down on his tongue, my body shook wildly.

Oh yes Oh yeah my pussy grabbed his tongue in spasms… he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer, pushing his tongue deeper, licking the inside of my velvet walls…. gasping for a breath… I have never cum so hard in my life… but he didn’t stop there….. He kept on licking and sucking on my clit, bringing me to another orgasm. I gently pulled his hair to make him at least look at me… I couldn’t talk… I managed to whisper… stop…please… He took one last slow long lick and ran his tongue slowly up my belly to my face….. Kissing my very deeply..

I could taste myself on him, Kissing him back….holding him tightly….
I reached down in between us and slowly stroked his very hard cock… He knew what I wanted and positioned himself between my legs, still kissing me, I started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy lips. making it real wet.. Then putting it at my love hole, slowly raising my hips… He pushed down the same time I raised up and he went all the way in……. It had been a very long time for me and he was big….. He moaned too..Oh baby Yes I could feel him pulsing inside of me.. about ready to explode…

He whispered for me to stay still…but I didn’t work… He started grinding
and pushing his cock in and out of my pussy….. I was raising my hips to
meet his downward thrusts…. It didn’t take long and we both could feel the
others body tense, both moaning very loudly… our bodies shaking, breathing very hard, we both came at the same time……. He collapsed on top of me… I could feel his heart about to beat out of his chest.. Mine was too…

Holding each other tight, whispering , I love you baby… exhausted, we fell asleep in each others arms……. I woke up the next morning , wondering If I was dreaming of not…. Then he walked into the room with breakfast, Merry Christmas and good morning my love… Smiling at me… I smiled a big smile at him and sat up in bed… he sat next to me and put the tray on my lap… looking deeply into each others eyes…… I gently touched his face, kissing him softly… then looking up, I whispered… Thank you Santa………………….. P.S. I love you David with all my heart.

This is my Christmas wish.