Erectile Dysfunction Gave New Life to Our Marriage

Erectile Dysfunction Gave New Life to Our Marriage. It was frustrating beyond belief. Diabetes had taken its toll and I now was unable to have erections anymore … at least not strong enough or for long enough to have intercourse with my wife. We’d tried Viagra and other ED drugs, but the wait usually ended up being so long that we fell out of the mood or dozed off before we could engage in vaginal sex.

It was frustrating for my wife, too. She was never a big fan of oral sex and, now that we couldn’t have intercourse, that left us pretty well where she’d now and then give me a hand job or I’d perform cunnilingus on her or stimulate her with my fingers or a vibrator. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t want more. In fact, in the mornings I’d often be up very early and would bring up websites on the internet showing hand jobs, intercourse or oral sex scenes where she was sucking him, or, they’d show where his cum was smeared on her mons and he would lick it and her clit to help her to have an orgasm

I’d work to make it happen and then, crawl back into bed and get a few more hours sleep before morning.

We still loved each other, but, there was a gap in our relationship that caused pressures and frustrations and they weren’t helpful.

One morning, I had gotten up early as I usually do and positioned myself in front of the computer. My wife not in bed and I guessed she was no doubt out in the living room watching TV or sleeping in our recliner. Sometimes she does that when her back is hurting or, for some reason, she just can’t get to sleep.

Anyway, I had slipped off my shorts and was busy rubbing myself as I looked intently at a young, pretty girl giving a young guy a blowjob. He’d obviously already cum because a small creamy white stream snuck out of the corner of her mouth and followed a course down to her chin dripping from there onto her breasts

She seemed very pleased and that look in her face had me mesmerized. 
I found myself muttering my wife’s name as though the picture was of her and she was giving me that blowjob. I was praising her telling her how much I loved her and how much I loved her sucking on my cock and eating my cum when it happened. 

About that time my hips jerked and I felt myself contracting and forcing my sperm onto my hand. “Oh, God, honey, that’s it … take my cum and swallow it down. Thank you for loving me so!” With that, I brought my hand to my mouth and licked it clean.

It was then that I felt someone touch my shoulder and I almost jumped out of the chair. Turning, I saw it was my wife standing there and looking down at me.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry,” I said. ”Let me hurry and turn this off. I didn’t mean for you to see it since I know you don’t like pictures like that.”

“No,” she said. “It’s okay. Leave it on. It’s okay.” She squeezed my shoulder. “You were using my name, weren’t you?”

“I always pretend that it’s you. You’re the only girl I love. The only girl I’ve ever loved.”

“I can see that. I used to just think you somehow just found me less attractive or sexy and looked at the pictures just to avoid me, or, as a crutch because I couldn’t get you excited like them … but that wasn’t it, was it?”

“Never, honey. I do enjoy the pictures and the fantasies I have … but, I just know you don’t care much for oral sex or the thought of my cumming in your mouth. In fact, I wasn’t sure you really even enjoyed me at all sexually. Well, anyway, since I can’t get an erection anymore, it’s hard to even imagine intercourse and so I pretend I’m having oral sex with you. I kind of make our lives one part of our relationship … and, use the fantasies to give me the sexual side of that relationship.” 

“But,” she went on, “when it happened, I saw you eat your cum. How can you do that? Isn’t it terribly gross? I know one time I tasted a little and didn’t think I liked it at all.”

“I guess I don’t think so,” I said. “Just like how I love to kiss you and lick you and feel your juices all over my face. I had to, at first, get used to your taste and texture, but I loved you so much I just wanted to keep kissing you to give you the pleasure, and, I suddenly learned that, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, I very soon found that kissing and tasting you really is exciting and wonderful for me and I feel bad that my body doesn’t produce anything as enjoyable for you. Sometimes I’ve found myself complaining to God why he made you so wonderful and me so disappointing.”

“But, I never meant to make you feel disappointed or bad about how you’re made. You’re a good husband for me

“Oh, that’s okay. I try to be good for you … but, I just know that sexually I’m kind of a loser. I know that you don’t enjoy a lot of the things I do sexually and probably never will. Being physically less desirable is just something I have gotten used to. I get sad about it, but, it can’t be helped and I guess it’s not that big a deal.”

My wife started to cry a bit. “I’m the failure. I let you down. I promised to love, honor and obey when we married, and I’ve let you down. I promised that we two would be one, but, I’ve held back from you. You’re not less desirable, it’s me that’s been a failure as a lover.”

“No you haven’t. Don’t say that. I didn’t marry you just to have sex. I hoped that would be good and fun, but, if it’s not … it’s not. You do so much for me. You don’t ever need to feel bad. I think you’re the best. Besides, I can make it happen to me and get by on my fantasies,” I told her. “I’d never make you do anything you didn’t want to. And, you know I love kissing you and rubbing you and doing whatever I can to give you the best orgasms I possibly can.”

“But, honey, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice like that. You shouldn’t have ever had to.” She went on, “Can you ever forgive me.”

“Nothing to forgive you for,” I replied. “I love you more than all the world and always will. Anyway, I’m done now and will be shutting the computer down for now. I really need to get back to bed and get a couple or three more hours sleep. Will you be in soon.”

“I will,” you said, still sobbing a bit. “I’ll just brush my teeth and then be in, and, I’ll rub your back for you.”

“I love that, hun. Thanks.” 

I thought our conversation was over and I figured we’d go back to normal. After all, there had been many times when I tried to interest her in things, but, they just never took hold. I figured this was just another of those times. I turned off the computer and crawled back into bed, rolling on my side. I thought about slipping on my shorts, but, decided I’d just cover up a bit.”

I think I had actually dozed off when the light touch of my wife’s hands began rubbing my back. It felt so marvelous, I literally groaned with pleasure. Usually, she just rubs my shoulders and back for a minute or two and then dozes. This time, though, she went a bit further. Her hand moved down and began to squeeze my butt cheeks and rub my legs, too. 

“Ummm,” she said. “You feel nice. Remember how I used to love to rub your bottom and tease you a bit. Haven’t done that for a long time, have I?”

I moaned my appreciation. 

Still rubbing, I felt her slide down a bit and move close to me kissing my back and arms and moving slowly down until her lips began to caress my butt.

I felt my ass rise up a bit to meet her kisses and I felt her hand begin to rub against my inner leg until the tips of her fingers brushed my balls. I couldn’t help myself, she was beginning to really turn me on.

My hips moved again.

“Get up on all fours,” my wife said. 

I did as she asked and I felt her hand reach up and capture my cock in her hand. Her kisses migrated from my bottom to more my hips and side and I felt her head push beneath my body. Her hand quit holding my cock and went back to massaging my ass while her mouth drew close to my cock and began to kiss it and lick it. 

“Honey, you don’t have to …”

“Hush,” she said. “Just be quiet.”

Again, her tongue searched every curve and undulation in my cock and toyed playfully with my balls.

Then, for the first time in who knows when, I felt her mouth wrap itself around my cock. 

I couldn’t get an erection, but, I swear that somehow I felt my cock feel more filled than I’d felt it in ages. Her tongue teased just under the head and one of her hands began to stroke me complimenting her kissing and sucking. I felt in heaven and slowly turned some so that I could begin giving her the best kissing and licking that I’d ever done. 

She was so moist and her skin felt wonderful. Her juices were like a special late harvest reserve of a very fine wine. A real joy came over me as I let her moistness wash me.

Within just a very few minutes, I again was beginning to feel my urge to climax rising up within me.

“Honey,” I panted, “You’d better back off, I’m afraid I won’t last much longer.”

“Keep kissing me, you’ve almost got me there, too!” she replied in an almost breathless voice.

“Oh, God, it’s going to happen!” It seemed like we both said that in unison and I suddenly felt her pushing herself against my hungry mouth while at the same time, I felt my own juices shoot into her mouth. We kept kissing and rubbing until both of us collapsed … exhausted.

“You taste so good,” I said to her. “I love you!”

She turned around and said, “I love you, too, honey. And, I loved you letting it happen.”

With that, she kissed me and we hugged each other tighter and more intimately that I could remember doing in ages. I could still taste my juices on her lips and I was sure she could taste her juices on me. 

“You know, we taste pretty good together, don’t we,” she said.

“Yeah, we do.”

Then, we cuddled close and gradually fell off to sleep.

As a postscript, that night changed a lot in our lives. We have sex more often and respond to each other with even greater enthusiasm. Our friends have even commented that somehow we seem younger … to which we just smile and wink at each other.

I still don’t get erections, but, she does manage to engorge my cock with enough blood to give it more body than before (and, who knows, maybe one day …). Anyway, we’re both enjoying more sex more often that we had for years. We even sometimes share looking at pictures on the web and pretend together that they’re us and then plan on how we can imitate what we’ve seen.

Life is good when you’re with the one you love.